Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some issues trying to get MovieMaker to work with the Casimir Sony Handycam

  • Files (non finalized) exported from the handycam are MPEG2
  • Moviemaker has issues with MPEG2 files!! (see here )

  • the issue should be resolved if the correct Codecs are on the given computer.
      • While experimenting Mick Prest found that using two different computers with identical settings that Moviemaker could handle the same file on one computer and not the other!!!
      • This is documented and it seems as if Moviemaker can be hardware specific!! (Much more detail! See Importing Video Sources/Introduction)

  • Tho only solution offered is for you to convert the video from MPEG2 to something that MM2 (MovieMaker 2) likes better.
  • Mick used three different converters and converted to many different formats and found that only this one worked
    • Converting to WMV (Highest quality) using Replay Media Converter
    • The hassle is that this might only work for the hardware on Mick's laptop!!!
  • Mick is going to check if it will load straight onto a mac!!

Lots of help for MM2 here and don't forget Atomic Learning

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