Thursday, February 14, 2008

Information for Secondary Reference Teachers:

Possible Agenda items:

  • ASI "break/fix" finished
  • Changes to myinternet/myclasses
  • Issues with myinternet.
  • Responding to curriculum pressures.
      • Roles Curriculum/ICT
      • Spread of technology around the school (e.g. IWBs, laptop trolleys) care, maintenance,TIME (bloody teachers!!??
  • Kevin Rudd's computers
      • What is likely to happen?
      • Issues for me!
  • Wireless model in schools.
  • Working towards a managable role.
  • Ongoing issues:
      • Bandwidth to schools
      • Training staff
      • Staff laptops/Salary sacrifice
      • Macs on my network??
  • What are your teachers asking to do that pushes the envelope??
  • What concerns do you have at the moment?