Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Do you have enough bandwidth???

An interesting statement from

Today the Internet bandwidth per student
is 2.90 Kbps (or kilobits per second per student) according to the survey.
Furthermore, schools say they will grow this to 9.57 Kbps per student by 2011—a
3.3-fold increase. But the ADS 2006 team believes that as much as 40 Kbps may be
needed in five years. As the number of computers in schools increases
and the ways in which students use computers change, more and more
bandwidth will be needed.

It is unlikely, however, that many schools
are budgeting for a 14-fold increase, although technology directors are
generally aware of the challenge. The hard costs of the bandwidth required
to support the growth in online learning, home connectivity, and ubiquitous
computing are unknown and likely to require additional research.

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