Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coming up in the next couple of weeks. Next Thursday Nov 6th

Both on Thursday Nov 6 4-6 pm.

Fabulous Firefox

This course is aimed at CEO personnel and School Staff who wish to improve their access to and interaction with the internet using the Firefox browser (a significantly improved alternative to IE7 and top of many people's "most useful Web tools list").

This course will cover:
  • tabbed browsing,
  • useful plugins
  • (e.g. the only RSS feed Reader which can read myinternet feeds)
  • toolbars

How do I even begin to keep up?

his course introduces people to RSS feeds and aggregators (we will use Google Reader and iTunes). These essential tools make it possible for you to keep in touch with a range of issues and people on the web without searching for them. They will come to YOU!!

This is an essential part of the Web 2.0 world and is aimed at Middle Managers and Teachers in schools as well as CEO personnel. (It is actually of use and interest to anyone living today!)

BYOL Bring Your Own Laptop (Preferable not essential)

Courses Available for Teachers

I've been scratching around for some way to advertise courses that we offer for teachers in our system, We have a good online booking system that works quite well but we still rely on email to get the message out.

This is fine if we have all the necessary emails but all too often we are relying on people passing on information and emails (this is usually Principals and/or ICT contacts) with mixed results. We need something with a feed (we also have to teach people how to read feeds too!!) and that has me wondering about doing something in a space like this. I think I will just "put up" a few of my courses and invite some friends to comment on ways to improve on this.

Any comments??