Thursday, April 3, 2008

RSS feeds (or lack of) in myinternet:

How they work.

After mucking around I think I finally know how the RSS works in myinternet.

  • You have the option to receive an RSS feed from a noticeboard or file box on any myinternet class page. (Potentially a great way to keep in touch easily)
  • You can also create a property which reads RSS feeds and put it on any class page.
    • This can be used to read external feeds like the ABC or BBC and many, many others.

Now for the problems:

  • The RSS feed reader property CAN"T READ feeds from myinternet properties -the is a bug that they can't solve!
  • Many common RSS feed readers (Google Reader, IE& Feeds etc. ) CAN'T READ the myinternet property feeds - a bug!
  • Their workaround is to recommend Firefox plugin Feed Readers!!!! As the only working solution!!
    • I am currently using "Sage" - a Firefox plugin - and it works! It is actually very cool to be able to see file that have been added to a myinternet filebox without having to go to the page.
    • It is a pity Sage is pretty lightweight and that all my other feeds are in Google Reader

Go Go Editure!!!!!

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